​Kauai Christian Academy

"This school has had a massive impact on my life. KCA has developed my critical thinking skills, and has fostered curiosity and question asking that are very much needed in our age of alternative facts and fake news. KCA has molded me into a smart, industrious, godly, and forward thinking young man.” 

- Samuel Johnson, class of 2018      

"The teachers at KCA exhibit such godly traits are great role models to look up to. They truly care for each one of the students and wish for them all to succeed in school. But most importantly, they want every student to know and accept Jesus as their personal Savior.” 

- Hope Burns, class of 2016       

43 year history on Kauai

Students are known in the community for their character, integrity, work ethic, and servant leadership.

"KCA has helped me have a better work ethic. At public school, I slacked off a lot, but KCA has helped me with time management and work ethic. KCA is a Christ-centered education, so all classes have God incorporated. I wasn't a Christian when I got to KCA, but the students who truly walked with the LORD had an undefinable aura that teemed with absolute and true joy. I thought I don't have that, but I want it. The school drastically changed who I am as a person.” 

- Nicholas Beydler, class of 2020     

100% college acceptance rate

"​​​ KCA has shaped my life in a tremendous way. It was here that I learned to discipline myself. I learned the importance of hard work and how it actually ends up paying off at the end (big surprise right?). I have been motivated to do my best academically and I have pushed in ways I didn’t think I could be pushed, but the teachers were constantly there by my side.” 

- Faith Burns, class of 2017      

Average SAT score: 1733

"At KCA, I've learned to seek God through everything. My life could’ve taken two different roads, all because of the high school I attended, and I am thankful that it took the path that it did. As Robert Frost said in his poem “The Road Not Taken,” “Two roads diverged in a wood, and I… I took the road less traveled by, and that has made all the difference.” 

- Sade Reuarin Seamster, class of 2015        



See how our ACT test results compare to statewide results!

Classes average in the 73rd percentile nationally in standardized testing

Impeccable safety record: zero police and zero fire department incidents. By contrast, each public high school on Kauai has a full time police officer stationed on campus.

"A big part of what makes KCA unique and welcoming are the teachers. They seek to equip us not only academically but also spiritually. They care about us deeply and will discipline us whenever necessary, so that we may be trained in righteousness and grow in our relationship with God.” 

- Verushqa Andrade, class of 2015        


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PO Box 1121 Kilauea, HI 96754


Mission Statement: Kauai Christian Academy exists to provide an academically excellent, Christ-centered education for the families of Kauai.

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