*43 year history on Kauai

*Our safety record is impeccable, with zero police incidents and zero fire department incidents. By contrast, each public high school on Kauai has a full time police officer stationed on campus.

*100% college acceptance rate!

*Our classes average in the 73rd percentile nationally in standardized testing. Further, our students score an average of 9 points higher on standardized subject tests than they do on standardized cognitive ability tests, meaning that we are helping our students reach and exceed their expected academic achievement.

*Average SAT score: 1733

*Students are known in the community for their character, integrity, work ethic, and servant leadership.

*Successful school missions trip to New York City in the Spring of 2016, with more to come!

This year our students are getting more opportunities for learning outside the regular curriculum.

Here are just a few of the ways KCA students are broadening their horizons:

Elementary keyboarding with Keyboarding Without Tears

Gardening with Dr. David Saldana

Music classes with Bandwagon Music Studios

Puppetry with Jason Hoyle of Kauai Unites Theater

Jr. High keyboarding with Typing.com

Physical Education with Olympic trainer Luke Walker

...and much more!



When I was in eighth grade, my parents decided that, for high school, I wasn’t going to go to Kapaa High. I was going to be starting over… again, and that didn’t sound too appealing to me. But, then I started high school at KCA. I met amazing friends, and amazing teachers, and amazing parents. Over the last four years, I realized that putting me into this tiny little Christian school was the best thing my parents could have done for me. High school is where you get a chance to figure out who you are. Where you can learn how to become more and more independent, and figure out what it is you’re going to do after it’s over. But it’s also where you meet some of the people who will be friends for life, and I’ve definitely found my share here at KCA. Throughout my years here at KCA, I learned the value of a Christian education, and how it is important to be surrounded by people who will help you grow in your faith.

Most importantly, at our very special school, high school is where you learn to trust in God above all else. I’ve learned to seek God through everything, and I can gladly say that, through my church family and our family here at school, I have grown immensely in the Lord. So I want to challenge all of you students to seek God in everything. And not just in the bad situations. We’ve been trained to thank God for everything, because every good gift is from God and we would have nothing without Him, so never forget that, and always look for ways to get to know Him more and more.

In eighth grade I was lost, going through the motions of Christianity. But at the same time, I was blind to it: I didn’t see the mess that I was becoming comfortable with. If God had not put it in my parents’ hearts to pull me out of the public school system, I’d probably still be simply going through the motions. God is so amazing and I am so thankful that He has forgiven me time and time again, and delivered me from my blindness to the truth. Where would I be without God? Completely lost and hopeless. My life could’ve taken two different roads, all because of the high school I attended, and I am thankful that it took the path that it did. As Robert Frost said in his poem “The Road Not Taken,” “Two roads diverged in a wood, and I… I took the road less traveled by, and that has made all the difference.”                                                   

                                --Sade Reuarin Seamster, selections from 2015 graduation speech

See how our ACT test results compare to statewide results!

    This school has been a second home to me and has connected me to the Lord in a very special and personal manner. It has taught me many things, including how faith in God can help us overcome obstacles in life, no matter how big they may seem. It has given me friends, lessons, and memories that I will cherish for the rest of my life. 
    A big part of what makes KCA unique and welcoming are our teachers. They seek to equip us not only academically but also spiritually. They care about us deeply and will discipline us whenever necessary, so that we may be trained in righteousness and grow in our relationship with God. 
     To my fellow students: I urge you to have faith in God, pray, continue to grow spiritually as you seek the approval of God not man. Furthermore, “Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewal of your mind, that by testing you may discern what is the will of God, what is good and acceptable and perfect.” (Romans 12:2). I encourage you to put God first in everything you do. Just by consciously making this commitment, you will experience a tremendous positive change in your life. “Commit your work to the LORD, and your plans will be established.” (Proverbs 16:3). Moving from India, I had never imagined God’s great plan for me. Had I not been a student of KCA, I would probably not be as strong in my relationship with God.    
     As Sade and I embark on a new beginning in our lives, we leave this school with the most amazing memories. We will always cherish the love we have received from our teachers and friends. This school has inspired us to be trail blazers. We seek to be a shining example of Christianity and glorify God in all we do, even if that means to take the roads less travelled and follow the narrow path that was blazed before by great Christian leaders throughout history.
                                     –Verushqa Andrade, selections from 2015 graduation speech

 The feeling here at KCA is unlike anything I have ever seen. I have never seen a group of so many
different families come together to act as one. If anyone needs anything, whether it’s a place to
stay or a car to use or just a person to talk to that need is met. The family of KCA is something that I know God wanted me to experience, because without it, I wouldn’t have grown in my faith as much as I have these past two years. I wouldn’t have found Belmont University, and I surely wouldn't have been able to get in.  

                                –Mallori Richardson, selections from 2016 graduation speech

I would like to thank KCA as a whole. This school has made my relationship with Jesus grow. The teachers here who exhibit such godly traits are great role models to look up to. They truly care for each one of the students and wish for them all to succeed in school. But most importantly, they want every student to know and accept Jesus as their personal Savior.

                               –Hope Burns, selections from 2016 graduation speech



New York Missions Trip, Spring 2016

Mission Statement: Kauai Christian Academy exists to provide an academically excellent, Christ-centered education for the families of Kauai.

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Big Island Educational Trip, Spring 2017

“I went to KCA for 12 years and enjoyed every year of it because of the teachers, atmosphere, and the school’s overall dedication to creating well-rounded students who knew they were loved and had a purpose. The teachers held a standard for excellence but would do what it took to help me achieve that standard. The atmosphere breathed the Bible as well as beauty and creativity.” 
 —KCA graduate Sarah Johnson